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We are ready to play a concert! Please contact me if you know the place in which we can share our music with others :)
If you are looking for music at your wedding, or other event feel free to contact me.

Flute and harp - the fantastic project with wonderful harpist - Alicja Zajaczkowska.
No doubt - this duo can bring a lovely moments into a wedding or any other event. Flute and harp is an amazing couple! Alicja is an harpist with international reputation and huge experience. We are both based in Brussels, but ready to perform World wide.

Duo Piantao - Flute and marimba Tango project
Project, with Fausto Valeron (Urugay), born at my last year in the school. Because I'm a tango dancer and tango is an important thing in my life when I met Fausto, who was born in Buenos Aires, I knew that I have to learn from him how to feel the tango music. We started with our arrangement "History of Tango" by Piazzolla, but soon we added the other traditional tango pieces to make the whole recital project.

Piccolinette Trio - Two piccolos and piano
My favourite and the longest project with flutist Blanka Borkowska and pianist Emilia Szymanska. We have a lot of fun when playing duets for two flutes and piano, but the real chalange is to play in trio - 2 piccolos and piano. There are many fantastic pieces as for example polkas by H. Kling for this chamber group.

Polish music - Lukasz Wos
This is a project with a Polish composer and pianist Lukasz Wos. I'm really happy to have an honor to play with him his compositions for flute and piano. We also add to our recitals the other compositions by Polish composers as f.ex. Chopin. In "Multimedia" you can find a video with excerpts of one of Lukasz Sonata.

Szczecin Flute Quartet: www.kwartetfletowy.art.pl

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